About us

Our history


After 23 years we have closed our old office and Premium-Line KSI moved to Wiener Neudorf. Now we do have a new office with a larger warehouse


A new management team takes over. The future orientation and strategy of the company KSI will be redefined and special attention will be paid to technology distribution and project services.


Sale of shares to a Taiwanese company. KSI is now part of a global group with companies in several countries around the world and 3 of its own production plants in the far east.


Change of management after the retirement of the founder and longtime managing director Mr. Gerd Kaufmann.

Takeover of the Austrian distribution for industrial switches and industrial converters, media converters, SFP, SFP PLUS and QSFP from various manufacturers as well as for the industrial switches and cable duct switches from the company NEXANS ANS.


Introduction of “TERACON”, another KSI brand for tested network cabling.


Takeover of the Austrian distribution of KRONE Kommunikationstechnik.


Introduction of “FIBERCON”, KSI’s own brand for fiber optic products.


KSI Academy has started. Highly trained employees hold specialist seminars on computer network technology. Certified training courses for network assembly are also offered.


First in-house exhibition called “MNP” (Meet Networking People), which was repeated in the following 3 years due to its great success.


Acquisition of the sole distribution of ITT-NSS Industries, at that time one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality RJ45 sockets and connectors for network installation.


Expansion of the sales program to include active components for network technology.


Entry into fiber optic technology or fiber optics.


Move to the 23rd district to enlarge the domicile four times.


New product line “computer installation systems” and specialization in connection technology in electronics.


The rapidly growing sales program makes it necessary to enlarge the domicile significantly.


Founding of the company as Kontakt Systeme Inter GmbH​ with headquarters in 1100 Vienna.